Maya is a Psychological Associate, registered with the College of Psychologists in Ontario. She holds a Masters of Science in Clinical Psychology from Augusta State University  (1999). Maya was previously part of the treatment team in the Post Traumatic Stress Recovery Program at Homewood Health Center (Guelph, ON) for many years. There she developed and facilitated a range of therapy groups for adult childhood trauma survivors as well as police and military professionals.  Her rich clinical history includes teaching psychology,  learning disability consultation work, individual, family and group therapy.

Currently, Maya's private practice is located in downtown Kitchener, conveniently located across from city hall. Maya launched her successful private practice in 2004 and has worked with a range of clients including university students, stay at home moms and working parents, professional adults, couples, police and military clients.  Since 2004, Maya started providing ADHD coaching to university students and professional adults upon demand.  

She has successfully worked with over 1000 people and has worked with a variety of issues including trauma, low self esteem, self harm, depression, rage, anxiety and fear, grief, relationship and family issues as well as nightmare and hallucination content. Maya has trained in an array of therapy orientations including cognitive therapy, mindfulness therapy, emotional focused therapy, couples therapy, art therapy, cognitive behavioural therapy techniques, body therapy, coaching and guided meditation.  You will find that she tailors and combines her approach to suit your specific needs in therapy.  Also, Maya is trained in both assessing and diagnosing mental illness and understands the importance of having a clear understanding of what is contributing to dis-ease and distress. At the same time, she also believes it is possible to eliminate a diagnostic label through effective therapy and dedicated effort.  

Maya holds an exceptional reputation for the power of her group work and public talks. Given her love of group work, she has created affordable small groups experiences which are offered at various locations and times in the KW area. 

Clients readily open up and move into deep work with Maya finding it easy to trust their healing process in her presence. 
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