What kind of help can I offer?

Working through trauma

Relieving anxiety

Climbing out of depression

Taming and channeling anger

Changing unwanted habits

Negotiating life transitions

Improving sleep/nightmares

Managing ADHD

Working through grief and loss

Exploring and discovering self

Resolving emotional conflict

Developing self awareness
 What methods do I use?

Cognitive Therapy:
learning to change how you feel and think by being aware of and changing your automatic assumptions about yourself, others and your world.

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy: identifying and shifting maladaptive cognitive systems, learning realistic and supportive alternatives which minimize problematic behaviour.

Mindfulness Therapy: the practice of cultivating inner acceptance and nonjudgemental attitude that supports a reduced stress reaction. In doing so, external and internal sources of stress shift and diminish.

Art Therapy:
by using non verbal forms of expression, deeper levels of thought and emotional reaction are allowed expression, allowing you to work with deeper perceptions of your life. NO artistic ability is required.

Emotional Focused Therapy:
you will learn to identify, understand and manage your emotional world with compassion.

Hakomi Body Centered Therapy: using mindfulness, you become aware of your needs, impulses and work through unresolved blocks which interfere with flow.

ADHD Coaching: assists you in learning how to manage adhd symptoms and reach specific goals, using practical methods.

Relaxation Training: practicing deep mental and physical relaxation, you learn recognize a relaxed state and cultivate a calm center to carry you through anxiety reactions and stressful times.

Who do I work with?

Maya provides individual and group therapy for adults. She also has experience working with college and university students as well as professionals who have ADHD.
when you are ready for a change
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